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I help people as a way

to work on myself,

and I work on myself

as a way to help people.     

                                                   RAM DASS



Growing up in a German/Finnish family in Berlin, I've always been interested in other people and perspectives and, as a consequence, studied CONFERENCE INTERPRETING & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, and later worked and lived in various fields in Germany and abroad, including 8 years as an "expat" in India.

Engaging with people from different nationalities, backgrounds and cultures on a daily basis allowed me to deepen my listening skills and familiarise myself with perceptions, thoughts and behaviours quite different from my own. During that time, I also came into close contact with many wisdom teachings and holistic mind-body approaches such as yoga, meditation and more.

It was then that I finally understood that all those years, I had been yearning to communicate on a much deeper level than fast-paced simultaneous interpreting could ever provide.

So, back in Berlin, I embarked on an INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY training program and, subsequently, studied EMOTION-FOCUSED COUPLES THERAPY with Prof. Dr. Leslie Greenberg. This set me out on a possibly lifelong journey of studying the human mind and soul and learning from top experts in the COACHING and (COUPLE) THERAPY FIELD, bringing it all together in my own holistic-integrative approach INTEGRATIVE THERAPY.

training and qualifications

why work with me?

As individual as our problems are, as universal are many of the challenges and tasks we face as human beings -

and our difficulties in knowing which path to travel on our life's journey. 

From my own experience, I know how it feels to be in search of ORIENTATION, MEANING and FULFILLMENT, how it feels to lose touch with oneself and, after some trials and tribulations, find a new sense of PURPOSE, JOY and INSPIRATION  - and see many of our challenges in a larger, meaning-making CONTEXT.

For this is essentially what therapy and coaching are about:
to place difficult EXPERIENCES and how they impact our wellbeing and our relationships in a broader context, to recognize how we ourselves, directly or indirectly, co-create specific situations, and to learn how to better deal with the people and things we cannot control. And most importantly, to meet ourselves with kindness, which will in time allow us to harness our potential for healing and self-transformation.

After all, the more we succeed in directing our focus on the things WE CAN do ourselves to change a situation and on the possibilities open to us, the greater the chances that, in retrospect, we find "meaning" in difficult experiences - and that they ultimately become the very experiences through which we grow and find ourselves.

By getting in touch with the ESSENCE behind all our thoughts and feelings and by reducing their COMPLEXITY, we are more likely to have INSIGHTS that help us move forward. This is why, in our SESSIONS together, I am committed to accessing the 'intuitive' level and to carefully guiding you towards a process of deep inner self-transformation - that will gradually enable you to heal and evolve independent of COACHING and THERAPY.

Thoughts come and go. Feelings come and go.

What is it that remains?

it's the SPACE where transformations can happen

                                                                                                                                                           - a conversation that potentially opens up a new path for you. To see you set out on your path and walk at your side, even if only for a few steps, is a great joy and fulfillment to me, as well as a powerful reminder to walk my own path with awareness in my own way. One step at a time.

I would like to invite you to an insightful conversation

  integrative therapy is about

  helping you help yourself

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