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Hi There,

good you found your way here.

I presume that you, like many people who seek therapy or coaching at different times in their lives, have tried to make an important decision, implement change, achieve goals or deal with existential problems on your own - but are somehow unable to move forward.

INTEGRATIVE THERAPY can help you deal with a wide variety of challenges that life throws at you and gain increased self-awareness and self-reliance along the way. 

I am maritta patzschke, a licensed non medical psychotherapist (HPG), coach and couple therapist based in Berlin. I grew up with binational parents, have a master's degree in conference interpreting and studied, lived & worked in various countries across the world, including France, Canada and India.

I moved back to Berlin with my husband when we had our two children in 2013.

You're in the right place if you want to break free from repetitive patterns in your day-to-day life, at work or with your loved ones. Or turn things around in one or several important areas of your life. Depending on your needs and desired area of focus, please find out more about the different INTEGRATIVE THERAPY services offered below.

LIFE COACHING is for you, if

  • you have a ton of responsibilities & impossibly exhausting days

  • you put everyone's needs ahead of your own

  • you have to deal with the surprises and challenges of parenting

  • you compare yourself unfavourably to others

  • you feel blocked, bored and uninspired

  • you want to turn on your creative flow

  • and find ways that bring back joy and fulfillment into your life

I hear you. When we're contantly busy and swamped by endless tasks, even small things seem to derail our entire day and we easily lose sight of the grand scheme of things.

Coaching can help you take a closer look at opportunities and ways to reject overwhelm and take  actionable steps towards managing your time & energy more sustainably.

And, on a deeper level, do you sometimes have a nagging sense there's something ELSE you should be doing with your LIFE – but don't know what exactly? Or that the life you're living is not the life you expected?

Then a coaching session is your first step towards inviting learning and growth back into your life.


  • something feels off

  • you avoid difficult conversations

  • you constantly fight but never solve any problems

  • you don't feel loved for who you are

  • you feel lonely and misunderstood

  • jealous, betrayed, confused

  • you are unsure whether to stay in the relationship

  • you are grieving the end of a relationship

  • or don't seem to find the "right" partner

  • and can't quite put your finger on the reason?

RELATIONSHIP COACHING will help you take a step back, untangle the dysfunctional dynamics that prevents you from feeling truly seen and heard and look at what YOU can do to break the cycle. In the process, you will learn to better identify underlying needs and fears and communicate - and argue - more authentically and mindfully with your partner (or your ex / next partner).   

You can come in for sessions ALONE if it makes it easier for you to open up more about your side of the story or a specific concern you might have - or if your partner is unwilling to join.

You can come in as a COUPLE if you require professional support with a rather clearly defined challenge or goal (i.e. better communication skills). Unlike couple therapy, relationship coaching  focuses less on revisiting past events & hurts and more on developing the clients' ability to address relationship problems - and avoid misunderstanding and hardened conflict in the first place.

Individual therapy/INTEGRATED PSYCHOTHERAPY is for you if

  • you suffer from attachment injuries or relational trauma

  • you lack a feeling of safety and containment

  • you are unable to contain juxtaposing identities or polarities inside you

  • you often feel like a misfit and just can't stop beating yourself up

  • you feel shut down deep inside, unable to experience joy

  • you stepped through hard times and can't seem to move on

  • you are in the middle of a scary, disorienting life transition

  • you don't know how to cope with difficult feelings

  • your life lacks meaning and purpose

  • you wish you could love yourself even just a little bit...more

Sometimes we feel stuck, unable to to see the light behind the darkness. We can't seem to navigate the rough waters alone, we are scared. The story we are telling ourselves is one of loss, loneliness, disconnection, despair. Our STORY has fundamentally become who we are and we have no idea how to revise it or add a new chapter to it - and certainly not how to write a happy ending.

INTEGRATED PSYCHOTHERAPY can help YOU re-integrate the things that keep you stuck in a way that encourages healing of your wounded parts and guides you to reconnect with your inner wisdom and creativity. One gentle step at a time.


couple therapy is for you if

  • you can no longer relax into a loving connection

  • you tiptoe around touchy subjects

  • one or both partners are pulling away from eachother

  • the relationship is highly conflictual

  • important needs go unmet

  • you don't feel seen and heard

  • you make fewer repair attempts

  • your life visions no longer align

  • lack of time is a constant challenge

  • emotional safety, intimacy and trust are compromised

  • you don't know how to turn things around

When we no longer feel as loved, as safe and secure in our relationship, our entire psychological and physical well-being is at stake. We might try our best to resurrect the magic and harmony of the earlier days to feel closer again. Over time, though, if the underlying issues remain unaddressed or are addressed in ways that only make things worse, both partners have a lot to lose: A LOVING RELATIONSHIP.

Many couples wait a long time - often too long - until they seek professional support. Studies show that unhealthy communication styles like nagging or blaming, harsh criticism and inner withdrawal, along with poor listening skills, not only impact relationships negatively but also minimise the chances of feeling truly seen and heard by our partner. Couple therapy creates a safe space where partners learn to communicate deeper concerns in a way that their partner can receive them, and build trust and intimacy - even when they can't agree. In addition, couple therapy can help couples have hard conversations, gain insights into the dynamics that keep them from truly connecting with one another, clear the air, navigate transitions and, ultimately, grow as individuals AND as a couple.

INtegrated sessions are for you if

you prefer a highly intensive 2,5 hrs session of THERAPEUTIC COACHING that brings together the best from






to kickstart your personal journey of learning, growth and healing -

whether as a one-off session or as a prequel to any of the individual processes described above.

INTEGRATIVE THERAPY in the truest sense.

INTEGRATIVE THERAPY is an approach to treatment that involves selecting the techniques from different therapeutic orientations that are best suited to a client's particular problem and produce the most significant effects (including both, THERAPEUTIC AND COACHING techniques).

INTEGRATIVE THERAPY is a holistic approach engaging the mind, body and soul for maximum impact.


Should you have any questions about the way we work together or require more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

What Is Integrative Therapy?

Did you know that we spend half our adult life in TRANSITION?

Mostly, we move through transitions with relative ease. Some transitions, however, are harder and more emotionally challenging than others, they are disorienting and can feel very lonely.

For many of us, knowing that we don't have to move through transitions by ourselves is a huge relief.


Alongside other people we trust, INTEGRATIVE THERAPY and COACHING can help us navigate periods of doubt, upheaval and renewal and gain more self-awareness along the way.


So, are YOU willing to invite more meaning, purpose and joy into your life?

I am looking forward to working

with you.



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